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Collection Mysteries and Clues
Related to The Dragonguard's Legacy
Found in the following locations:
Searching for the Horn of Ja'darri, Part 3
Written by Commander Oholin of the Dragonguard

My travels and research have led me to this sanctuary, with the hope that I would find the Horn of Ja'darri within. Alas, it seems that while the great Dragonhorn once rested within these halls, it has long since been stolen away. And, by the few accounts I could discover, I believe that the theft was performed by none other than a Dragon.

While it pains me to learn of such a grave dishonor to our order, I am more resolved than ever to get back what is rightfully ours. I have surmised that we'll find this foul creature in a dormant volcano, located in Southern Elsweyr. I have also learned its name; Vahlokzin. The map included herein shows the way to its lair.

If we find this beast, we will find the Dragonhorn, and I can think of no greater pleasure than slaying such an enemy. It's time for myself and my fellow soldiers to finally prove the might of the Dragonguard. After all, what better way to return our glory than with a Dragon hunt?

Though we are small in number, we are brave of heart. We are Dragonguard, and we will face this Dragon or die in the attempt, as our order always has.