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(lore page)
Location Northern Elsweyr
Halls of Colossus
Species Dragon
Health 16,184,844 (gray)
14,713,494 (red)
Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Overland set Superior or Epic jewelry
Half-Digested Adventurer's Backpack
Half-Digested Document Pouch
Wax-Sealed Heavy Sack
Dragon's Bile
Dragon's Blood
Dragon's Pellet (trophy)
A generic red dragon
A generic gray dragon

Dragons are a rarely-seen race of fearsome reptilian beasts. They are considerably large, standing much taller than the average mortal. They possess large clawed wings that enable them to fly, and an affinity for magic, which is sees use in combat through various spells and shouts. Their status as powerful beings is not to be understated, as they are divine children of Akatosh who are specially attuned to time, possessing unique souls and never aging, allowing them to live for millennia on end. They were commonly thought to have been extinct, as many of the dragons were hunted in the past, until a massive rage of dragons was released from the Halls of Colossus, beginning the Season of the Dragon.

Dragons can be fought at Dragonscour hunting Events, found at various sites in Northern Elsweyr. Given their powerful nature, it is recommended to fight them in groups to successfully to down the beasts. They drop various valuable rewards upon death. Dragons also serve as the bosses certain dungeons and as the foes of the Sunspire trial. Several unique dragons are fought during the course of the Elsweyr zone story as well. It has been stated that dragon hunts will also appear in the upcoming Southern Elsweyr zone.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Repeatable Dragon Hunt: Hunt down three dragons spotted near their hunting grounds.

Skills and Abilities[edit]

A dragon utilizing a flame aura
Flame Aura
A constant AoE that surrounds the underside of a dragon, causing flame damage if entered.
A melee attack that causes bleeding.
Wing Thrash
A melee attack where a dragon slashes targets on its side with its wing.
Tail Whip
A melee attack where those facing the backside of a dragon are whacked by its tail, being knocked back.
A charged-up melee attack that one-shots, but can be blocked to negate damage
Earth Spike
Balls of fire fly around, and rocky spikes of magma rise up from the ground and deal flame damage wherever they land. (most often used by gray dragons)
Explosive Spike
Explosions caused if a earth spike is walked by and detonated, causing high flame damage.
A ranged attack where a single fireball is directed towards a target. Can be roll-dodged or blocked.
Fiery Remnant
A lasting effect from being hit by a fireball that deals fire damage over time
Incendiary Winds
Small flaming tornadoes that are cast and move outwards when wing thrash is used, causing AoE damage to those caught in them
Unrelenting Force
A charged-up attack where a dragon shouts in a direction, those in the way of the shout will be knocked back, taking damage from the forceful impact as well.
Forceful Impact
Knockback from unrelenting force that causes stunning
Fire Breath
A flight-based attack where an airborne dragon flies over and breathes fire in a straight line, incinerating those caught in its grasp.
Flame Trail
The left-over fire from a fire breath attack.
Meteor Storm
Brimstone flies down from above and causes fire damage to those caught in the AoE circle where it lands (most often used by red dragons)
Scorched Earth
Fire damage from areas where meteors land
Sweeping Breath
Fire is sprayed in a curved path near the dragon's mouth
Bursting Fireball
When airborne, the dragon shoots fireballs on the ground, which burst in a circular area wherever they land.
Summon Iron Atronachs
Two elite iron atronachs are summoned. (most often used by black dragons)
Summon Flame Wyrms
Multiple Flame Wyrms are summoned.
Summon Fire Atronachs
Multiple elite Fire Atronachs are summoned. (most often used by red dragons)

Unique Dragons[edit]

Two powerful dragons, Mulaamnir (top) and Bahlokdaan (bottom)




Thurvokun, a Bone Dragon

There are also some imitations of dragons:


"Fus Ro Dah!"
"Qeth Krii Gol!"

While generic dragons do not have their dialogue listed in subtitles, their various shouts are spoken in the Dragon Language:

Shout Translated Corresponding attack
Al Gron Nok Destroyer Bind Lie
Bex Miir Kein Open Allegiance War
Bo Het Lo Fly Here Deceive
Dey Rah Zaam  ??? Gods Slave
Diil Qoth Zaam Undead Tomb Slave
Diiv Mir Tah Wyrm Allegiance Pack
Du Kun Shaan Devour ??? Inspire
Fus Ro Dah Force Balance Push Unrelenting Force
Gaan Lah Haas Stamina Magicka Health
Gaar Toor Nah Release Inferno Fury
Golt Mah Nos Ground Fall Strike
Jiid So Daan  ??? Sorrow Doom Meteor Storm
Jol Fus Daal  ??? Force Return
Jud Hof Liik  ??? ??? ???
Kren Qeth Gol Break Bone Earth
Kriid Iiz Gron Slayer Ice Bind
Lok Diil On Sky Undead ???
Mul Bah Rein Strong Wrath Roar
Nel Jaag Moh  ??? ??? ???
Qeth Krii Gol Bone Kill Earth Earth Spike
Rii Vaaz Bex Essence Tear Open
Riis Thaan Kohg  ??? ??? ???
Roth Nihn Fey  ??? ??? ???
Sos Jiid Viin Blood ??? Shine
Sov Ag Slen  ??? Burn Flesh
Strun Bah Qo Storm Wrath Lightning
Tiid Grah Kron Time Battle Conquer
Tiid Klo Ul Time Sand Eternity
Vah Yol Ron Spring Fire ???
Viir Su Pook Dying Air Stink
Wiix Lo Feim  ??? Deceive Fade
Zey Qeth Lok  ??? Bone Sky






There are three achievements associated with killing Dragons:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Dragon Killer.png Dragon Killer 5 Kill 1 Dragon in the wilds of Northern Elsweyr.
ON-icon-achievement-Dragon Stalker.png Dragon Stalker 10 Kill 25 Dragons in the wilds of Northern Elsweyr.
ON-icon-achievement-Dragon Hunter.png Dragon Hunter 15 Kill 50 Dragons in the wilds of Northern Elsweyr.

There are three achievements that involve completing the Dragon Hunt quest a number of times.

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Dragon Chaser.png Dragon Chaser 5 Complete 1 Dragon daily quest for Battlereeve Tanerline in Northern Elsweyr.
ON-icon-achievement-Dragon Slayer.png Dragon Slayer 10 Complete 10 Dragon daily quests for Battlereeve Tanerline in Northern Elsweyr.
ON-icon-achievement-Dragon Exterminator.png Dragon Exterminator 15 Complete 30 Dragon daily quests for Battlereeve Tanerline in Northern Elsweyr.

There is one achievement with killing Dragon's summoned minions. Flame Atronachs are only summoned by Red Dragons six at a time, while Iron Atronachs are only summonable by Black Dragons two at a time. Both summon Flame Wyrms 2 at a time.[verification needed]

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Draconic Minion Murderer.png Draconic Minion Murderer 10 Kill 100 Flame Wyrms, Fire Atronachs, and Iron Atronachs while battling Dragons in the wilds of Northern Elsweyr.