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Captain One-Eye doesn't confine her piratical pursuits to Alten Corimont—she's also on excellent terms with the crooked merchants lurking in the Barsaebic ruins beneath Stormhold.
Outlaws Refuge:
Stormhold Outlaws Refuge
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Ebonheart Pact
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Stormhold Outlaws Refuge

Stormhold Outlaws Refuge is an outlaws hideout found beneath Stormhold.

Second entrance outside the city

The refuge is set up in one of the chambers of a Barsaebic ruin, Silyanorn. One of the hideout entrances can be found on the southern side of the ruins. Another way to gain access to the refuge is through a trap door hidden behind Under-Root Bank.

Hideout in a ruin

A book, How to Train Your Guar, lies on the ground near Haj-Tei and Sithis, who stay on the southern side of the main chamber. Judging by the dialogue, Gourdeez is the author of Tribunal—Living Lies‎, which can be found on a worktable behind him.

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A map of Stormhold Outlaws Refuge