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This article is about the clan. For the item set, see Winterborn (set).

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Urforn Ice-Heart, leader of the Winterborn

The Winterborn are an ancient clan of Reachmen native to Wrothgar, which was historically a part of the Western Reach. They ruled over Wrothgar during the time of the Longhouse Emperors before being driven off by the Orcs of the Daggerfall Covenant. They recently attempted to retake the territory, but were repelled and now only Urfon Ice-Heart remains to lead them.


Named Members
Urfon Ice-Heart (leader)
Corintthac the Abomination
Olarz the Cunning
Generic Members
Winterborn Archer
Winterborn Butcher
Winterborn Clanslayer
Winterborn Icecaster
Winterborn Mage
Winterborn Marauder
Winterborn Mystic
Winterborn Reach Mage
Winterborn Savage
Winterborn Sentinel
Winterborn Snow Wizard
Winterborn Warrior