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Wyress Shannia
Location Jackdaw Cove
Race Nord Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Glenmoril Wyrd
Wyress Shannia

Wyress Shannia is a Nord wyress from the Glenmoril Wyrd who can be found at Jackdaw Cove. She will be in the ruins, trying to protect the last Spriggan from corrupting magic in the area.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Last Spriggan[edit]

Wyress Shannia, will be found tending to a small spriggan and will openly cry when she speaks of the spriggan's plight.

"Of all the travesties against nature, this is the most foul. This is the last one, the last spriggan.
There used to be hundreds in Jackdaw Cove, frolicking about in the grass and the water. They were beautiful."
Did the Reachmen kill them all?
"Worse. They poisoned them, corrupted them, turned them into monstrosities—those lurchers.
This is the only spriggan left, and the Reachmen's poison already courses through her branches. She will soon transform unless I am able to treat her."
Is there some way I can help?
"My sisters would not want me to trust an outsider, but they are not here, and I cannot leave her side.
Frankly, I am surprised you share my concerns. You are sure you wish to help me?"
Yes. Just tell me what you need.
"I need heartwood. From inside the lurchers. It's the only thing that will help the little spriggan at this point.
I hesitate to ask more of an outsider, but we could do more than just ease her passing."
What more can we do?
"There is a chance we can save her life. It will require more work though.
'The heartwood degrades quickly in the lurchers, but sometimes remains pure. If you take the extra time to find the find the pure heartwood, it could save the spriggan."
We should just ease her passing.


I'll do whatever it takes to save her life.
"I'll stay here and do whatever I can to slow the poison.
If the spriggan turns into a lurcher, we'll have no choice but to kill her."

Applying the Poultice[edit]

After finding the required materials you can return to Wyress Shannia. If you elected to just find ordinary heartwood, she will say:

"needs dialogue

If you decided to search for pure heartwood, Shannia will instead say:

"We shouldn't get our hopes up too much, but with the pure heartwood, there is at least a chance our little friend can be healed.
Have you been able to find any?"
Yes. I have the pure heartwood.
"Quickly then! let me mix it into a poultice.
I am grateful that you were about to find the pure heartwood."
You really think this will save the spriggan?
"I hope so. Here. Take the poultice and apply it to the poor thing. I must be prepared to do … whatever is necessary.
I pray to all the gods to bless our efforts and bring it back. The forest would never be the same without spriggans."
All right.

After you apply the pure heartwood poultice, the Spriggan will perk up, cheering Shannia.

Wyress Shannia: "It worked! The little bugger's already thriving again! The power of nature is truly miraculous."

Avenging the Spriggans[edit]

After helping with the spriggan, Wyress Shannia will have another task for you. If the spriggan survived, she will say:

"Thank you. Now, with nature's blessing, our little friend will survive the Reachmen invasion.
But as for her sisters … the only thing left is to avenge them."

However, if the spriggan died she will instead say:

needs dialogue
How do we avenge them?
"The abominations are created just across the water. A witchman has built a transformation altar there to perform his foul work.
I am not equipped for this task. Will you go destroy the altar and kill the witchman for me? For the spriggans who died?"
Yes. I will avenge them.
"Destroy anything and anyone you find on that island.
Then make them pay for what they've done to the spriggans."

After you have destroyed the altar and slain Kaenach, you can return to Shannia.

"Did you destroy the altar and kill that bastard witchman?"
Yes. The spriggans are avenged.
"Thank you. I intend to take great care of this last little spriggan.
With Hircine's blessing, I hope she might be the seed to spawn many more, and that someday, a multiple of spriggans will again frolick 
[sic] in the waters of Jackdaw Cover." (Said if the Spriggan was saved.)

Otherwise she will say, needs other quest option


After completing The Last Spriggan, Wyress Shannia will say:

"The witchmen from the Reach have never paid respect to the call of nature. They must find a way to twist nature to their will.
You've shown them that the wyresses also know brute force."

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