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Hi. I'm Woolymammoth. I'll be 16 in November, 2010. I live in North Carolina. I have played the Elder Scrolls games since 10 years old, and I have a more than decent knowledge of the lore system. I write on the BGS fanfiction section. I am currently learning the modifications of the CS, and the 20 percent of ES lore that I do not know of. I plan to become more active on the UESP. My user on the BGS Forum is Woolymammoth. I am a member of the ElderStats webpage ( as well as the Imperial Library.

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I play basketball and soccer, and I used to play football, although I cannot play it now. I go to a high school that is a five year program, where you graduate with an additional associate's degree (in America).

I am a die-hard Minnesota Vikings Fan!

Good luck to you all. Contact me if you need anything. Here are my accounts. You may also contact me over the UESP chat channel, or on my talk page.

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BGSFORUMS ( ): Woolymammoth I'm active there.

Elderstats ( ) : Grayfox

Imperial Library ( ) (I'm not too active there :p ) : Woolymammoth

Tamriel Rebuilt ( ): Woolymammoth

MSN messenger/ My Elder Scrolls community email:

There you go.

Grayfox1128 15:53, 17 July 2009 (UTC)

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Good luck to you all!