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Legends:The Caminus Pit

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Galyn and the Gang are in Trouble
Episode: The Furnace Depths
Opponent Name: Kagouti Fabricant
Opponent Class: StrengthWillpower Crusader
Lanes: Field/Smelting Lane
Starting Health: 30
Special Conditions: Master: Opponent starts with Imperial Might in play
Previous Quest: The Tools
Unlocks Quest: Shaft of Sohleh
Reward: Playsets of: Reconstruction Engine, Skeevaton

The Furnace Depths: The Caminus Pit[edit]

The Caminus Pit is a location available in The Furnace Depths, unlocked by completing The Tools. The battle features a Smelting Lane: "At the start of each player's turn, destroy all their creatures here and they draw a card for each."

When you complete the match for the first time, you'll receive playsets of Reconstruction Engine and Skeevaton.


Galyn: "AAAAAAAGH! Mercy!"
Fabricant: "…"
Laaneth: "It's the people of the city. The machines are… remaking them. We have to stop this."
Galyn: "Thank you. Mecinar is rebuilding the city in his image. More of our people were taken as well. We must stop him."
Mecinar: "You outlanders cannot be allowed to interfere with my experiments. Fabricants, deactivate the intruders."

Opponent Decklist[edit]

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Quantity Attributes Name Type (Subtype) Magicka Power Health Rarity Ability
2 Willpower Scouting Patrol Action 1 1Common Common Summon a 1/1 Imperial Grunt in each lane.
2 Willpower Bruma Profiteer Creature (Imperial) 2 3 2 2Rare Rare When you summon another creature, you gain 1 health.
2 Willpower Fifth Legion Trainer Creature (Imperial) 2 1 3 2Rare Rare When you summon another creature, give it +1/+0.
2 Neutral Ravenous Crocodile Creature (Reptile) 2 3 4 1Common Common Summon: You must deal 2 damage to a friendly creature.
2 Neutral Reachman Shaman Creature (Reachman) 2 2 2 1Common Common At the start of your turn, give another random friendly creature +1/+1.
2 Neutral Frenzied Witchman Creature (Reachman) 3 2 1 1Common Common Summon: Give a creature +2/+1.
1 Strength Inspiring Stormcloak Creature (Nord) 4 2 2 2Rare Rare Last Gasp: Summon a 2/2 Rallying Stormcloak in each lane.
2 Willpower Pit Lion Creature (Beast) 3 5 5 3Epic Epic Pit Lion can't be played unless there's a friendly creature in each lane.
2 Strength Raiding Party Action 3 2Rare Rare Put two 1/1 Nord Firebrands with Charge into your hand.
2 Neutral Skeevaton Creature (Automaton, Skeever) 3 2 2 2Rare Rare Summon: +1/+1 for each other Skeever you've summoned this game.
1 Strength Skeever Infestation Action 3 2Rare Rare Summon a Skeever in each lane with power and health equal to the number of Infestations you've played. Shuffle two copies of this into your deck.
2 Willpower Two-Moons Contemplation Support 3 2Rare Rare Ongoing
If your opponent doesn't damage you on their turn, sacrifice this and summon a Priest of the Moons in each lane.
2 Willpower Kagouti Fabricant Creature (Fabricant) 4 3 3 1Common Common Summon: If you have a Neutral card in play, summon a Kagouti Fabricant in the other lane.
2 Neutral Slaughterfish Spawning Action 4 2Rare Rare Summon a Slaughterfish in each lane.
2 Willpower Golden Saint Creature (Daedra) 6 4 4 2Rare Rare Guard
Summon: If you have more health than your opponent, summon a Golden Saint in the other lane.

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