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Nilyne Hlor
Home Settlement Quarantine Serk
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Nilyne Hlor

Nilyne Hlor is a Dunmer alchemist found in the settlement of Quarantine Serk. She is looking for a way to slow the progression of the Llodos Plague through an infected person's body. She was Ornis Verobar's apprentice, and took over for him as the town alchemist after he retired.

Related Quests[edit]


Proprietary Formula[edit]

"What are they up to in there? And why won't they let me get a look at their curative
Oh, sorry. I didn't see you standing there through the haze of my indignation. Can I help you? No, wait! You can help me!"
How can I help you?
"I'm the town alchemist, and I want to get a sample of the Maulborn curative.
They refused to give me any. Proprietary formula, they said. Well, I want to figure out what's in this miracle elixir. I don't trust anything labeled "proprietary.""
You want my to get you the curative?
"Do you always skip ahead in the story? No one has an iota of patience anymore.
But yes, I need a few bottles of the curative. I'm syre you'll be able to find some inside the quarantine. Then we'll see what's in this "proprietary" formula."
Very well. I'll try to get a few bottles of the curative.
"Just watch your step in there. I don't trust these Maulborn or their good intentions."
Can I ask you a few questions.
"As long as you promise to collect the curative as soon as we're done, ask away."
What do you know about the Maulborn?
"Not much. They say they're here to help, but they certainly don't act like any charitable caregivers I ever met. I don't trust them!
Which is why I want to find out what's in the curative they're pushing on the populace."
Tell me about the Maulborn curative.
"There's not much to tell. They claim the elixir is a cure for the Llodos plague, but I haven't seen anyone recover from the illness yet.
But I could tell you more once you get me a few samples of the curative to examine."
What do you do in town?
"I'm an alchemist. I took over for Ornis when he retired. I also have a bit of training as a healer.
Before the Maulborn arrived, I was the one the townsfolk came to see when they got sick."

Returning with the samples:

"Were you able to acquire any samples of the Maulborn curative? I'm really curious to see what the elixir is made of."
Here you go. But I'm pretty sure this elixir won't cure anything.
"I've been watching the townsfolk who received the curative and came to the same conclusion. But I'll be able to tell for sure after I analyze the elixir.
Take this. It isn't much, but I'm sure you didn't have too much trouble in there."

After the quest, she runs over to Verobar House to study the concoctions:

Nilyne Hlor: "Thanks for your help. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some alchemical wizardry to perform."

Quest For the Cure[edit]

"Yes? It's nice to see you again, of course, but I am kind of in the middle of something here."
Is this always where you do your work?
"You certainly are an inquisitive one, aren't you?
If you must know, Ornis lets me use his equipment. Until I can set up a shop of my own,"
You don't have your own shop?
"Not that I really want to tell you my life story, but I was apprenticed to Ornis. Then the plague struck the Serk and other priorities took precedence.
I'll be on my own soon enough, provided the town survives this crisis."
Aerona said you needed some help.
"Did she? Well, I suppose I do.
There are a few additives I require, but I can't very well walk away from my table while Dethisam and the rest of the townsfolk need my skills. Even this interruption can prove disastrous where alchemy is concerned."
What additives do you need me to get?
"I need Kyne's heart healing herbs, sour milk tea, and dragon scale mushrooms.
The innkeeper usually has healing herbs. Grell Flan loved sour milk tea. And Sorel Tedas had a taste for exotic mushrooms. You should find what I need in those locations."

Returning with the ingredients:

"Where did you go to get those ingredients? Windhelm?
No matter. You're here now. Were you able to acquire everything on my list?"
I think so. Here's what you asked for.
"Healing herbs, dragon scale mushrooms, sour milk tea ... yes, it's all here.
I need to stay here and monitor my patient's condition. Go over to the alchemy table and mix those ingredients together, please."

Speaking to her again after this conversation, before making the potion:

"Haven't you ever made a potion before? My notes are by the table. I need to care for my patient now, but my notes should be able to guide you through the process."

Handing her the mixture:

"You did it? Well done! I never doubted you for an instant.
Now, let me have the mixture, if you please."
Here's the potion you asked me to make.
"This appears to be perfect. I truly am impressed.
Now we'll see what happens and leave the rest in the Tribunal's hands."
Nilyne Hlor: "All right, that's it. Visiting time is over. Everyone out and let my patient rest."

Speaking to her before leaving the house:

"Didn't you hear what I said? Out! The patient needs time to let the potion work its magic."

After the quest, Nilyne exits the house and has an announcement to make.

Nilyne Hlor: "I'm happy to say that the suppressant works. It's not a cure, but it should buy me the time I need to find a way to beat the plague."
Aerona Berendas: "That's wonderful news! If I wasn't worried about spreading the plague, I'd kiss you right on the lips!"

Speaking to her after the quest:

"I must admit, your help was invaluable. It may not be a cure, but I can certainly use this suppressant to slow the progress of the plague to a crawl.
Hopefully, that will give me or the healers in Mournhold time to develop a proper curative."


  • Nilyne also has produced her personal brand of hand soap, known as Nilyne's Natural Hand Sanitizer which is marketed as way to limit the spread of the Llodos Plague.