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Vendors can be found in most major cities and many smaller settlements. They may also be spotted on the road between cities. You may purchase items from them, or sell off your unwanted loot. Sellers will also offer repair services for any damaged gear you may be wearing. There are several types of vendors. This only affects what they have for sale - all sellers will purchase any type of items from you, and all of them offer repair services.

Regular Vendors[edit]

Crafting Vendors[edit]

  • [[File:{{{image}}}|Blacksmith|22px|link={{{link}}}]] Blacksmiths sell unidentified heavy armor and melee weapons, and crafting elements.
  • [[File:{{{image}}}|Carpenter|22px|link={{{link}}}]] Carpenters sell unidentified wooden gear and crafting elements.
  • [[File:{{{image}}}|Clothier|22px|link={{{link}}}]] Clothiers sell unidentified medium and light armor, and crafting elements.
  • [[File:{{{image}}}|Enchanter|22px|link={{{link}}}]] Enchanters sell glyphs for enchanting armor, and runestones for creating glyphs.
  • [[File:{{{image}}}|Grocer|22px|link={{{link}}}]] Grocers have provisioning ingredients for sale.

Guild Vendors[edit]

Alliance War Vendors[edit]

  • [[File:{{{image}}}|Guild Trader|22px|link={{{link}}}]] Alliance Quartermasters are vendors who give access to Guild Stores and also serve as Siege Merchants.
  • [[File:{{{image}}}|Merchant|22px|link={{{link}}}]] Elite Gear Vendors sell high level PvP armor and weapons.
  • [[File:{{{image}}}|Armsman|22px|link={{{link}}}]] Mercenary Merchants were vendors who hired mercenaries to guard keeps (currently disabled).
  • [[File:{{{image}}}|Weaponsmith|22px|link={{{link}}}]] Regional Equipment Vendors sell superior-quality set items, with containers themed around different zones.
  • [[File:{{{image}}}|Merchant|22px|link={{{link}}}]] Siege Merchants are vendors who sell siege weapons.
  • [[File:{{{image}}}|Magus|22px|link={{{link}}}]] War Enchanters sell items similar to an enchanter but for Alliance Points instead of gold.
  • [[File:{{{image}}}|Clothier|22px|link={{{link}}}]] War Researchers sell Akaviri motif chapters, and the style materials for Akaviri and Alliance styles.

Tel Var Stone Vendors[edit]

Battlegrounds Vendors[edit]

Furniture Vendors[edit]

Special Vendors[edit]

  • [[File:{{{image}}}|Banker|22px|link={{{link}}}]] Bankers and Moneylenders offer storage space for gear you want to keep but not carry around, or transfer between characters.
  • [[File:{{{image}}}|Fence|22px|link={{{link}}}]] Fences buy or launder stolen goods.
  • [[File:{{{image}}}|Guild Trader|22px|link={{{link}}}]] Guild Traders are vendors that allow the public to purchase from guild stores.
  • [[File:{{{image}}}|Steward|22px|link={{{link}}}]]Hall Stewards are representatives of the Fighters Guild, responsible for recruiting new members. They also function as Achievement Furnishers for the Fighters Guild.
  • [[File:{{{image}}}|Pack Merchant|22px|link={{{link}}}]] Pack Merchants offer extra carrying capacity so you can hold more gear.
  • [[File:{{{image}}}|Shadowy Supplier|22px|link={{{link}}}]] Shadowy Suppliers offer supplies to ranking Dark Brotherhood members.
  • [[File:{{{image}}}|Stablemaster|22px|link={{{link}}}]] Stablemasters have Horses for sale, and allow you to increase your riding skill.
  • [[File:{{{image}}}|Boatswain|22px|link={{{link}}}]] Boatswains and Navigators offer travel services, granting passage to other locations at no cost.

Other Vendors[edit]