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Queen Nurese
Location Carzog's Demise
Race Breton Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Queen Nurese

Queen Nurese, a Breton, was the queen of King Renwic and the mother of Princess Visanne. She is seen in King Renwic's vision of the past, where she was taken prisoner by Warcaller Targoth's soldiers.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest Related Events[edit]

After speaking to Hunt-Wife Othikha, you'll find Queen Nurese under the watch of a Seamount Executioner:

"You! How much more blood do you want?"
Answer me truthfully, and you live. Lie to me, and you die.
"You've invaded my home. You've slaughtered my people. Why would I help you, Orc? You'll kill us all anyway."
Tell me what magic your husband summons, unless you're ready to die.
"Do you think me mad? I'll not betray my husband. You'll kill us both.
No, Orc. Renwic will finish his spell, and he will wipe you all out."
Are there any Breton knights left unaccounted for?
"Knights? You mean, that you Orcs haven't slaughtered?
Why am I even speaking to you? Monster! I'll say no more.
Tell me how to open the door that hides Renwic, or I will kill your daughter.


"I have nothing else to say to you."

If you order the executioner to kill her, she'll cry:

Queen Nurese : "Please! No! Show mercy!"

Her spirit will become tethered by magic. Speak to her and she'll say:

"You monster! My murder wasn't enough?"
By this charm, I compel you to answer me.
"Even in death you torment me! Ask, and be done with it!"
What is King Renwic planning?
"Just as I told you. My husband is casting a spell to wipe you out.
You murdered me for this? You'll reap what you sow. Oblivion take you!"
How do I open the door that guards your king?
"There are two runestones by the door. Turn them both to lower the ward. My husband is inside. His ritual will raise an undead army to defeat you.
We didn't start this war. The death of your people is on your hands. But please, spare my husband.
Where is the king hiding?


After interrogating her, her spirit will fade.

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