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The scale of the Elder Scrolls universe and media based on it is immense. As such, there have been cases were entries into the franchise contradict established lore and are not considered canon.


Todd Howard's Order of Priority[edit]

In 2019, during an interview, when asked about fan theories, Todd gave a list on what one should prioritise as canon over other sources:

  • 1. In-game events viewed through the eyes of the player
  • 2. A book published in-universe that can be read inside the game
  • 3. An official work published outside of the game (examples given include the game manual and the official cookbook)

Todd also said anything stated by a fan (an example given was fan theories) would not go on the list. This would imply fanfiction and other unofficial works are non-canon and not to be considered a part of The Elder Scrolls lore or canon.

This is a list of media that has been confirmed official lore by Bethesda and are considered canon by the UESP.

Games and Add-Ons[edit]


Dubious Canon[edit]

This is a list of Elder Scrolls media which is considered canon under circumstances for one reason or another as it may contradict other official lore or break the fourth wall entirely.

Official sources outside of official media[edit]

Games and Add-Ons[edit]


These are official or major unofficial works based on The Elder Scrolls which are considered non-canon because they completely contradict official lore or were in no means officially implemented into an official entry to the franchise.

Games and Add-Ons[edit]

Cancelled Games[edit]

Books and Novels[edit]

  • Fanfiction

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