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First Appearance Core Set
Card Appearance Creatures, Items
Description Creatures with Lethal destroy any creature they can damage through combat or other abilities.
Statistics Agility 9Endurance 10Dual Attribute 1Triple Attribute 1
This count includes unobtainable and untrained cards and cards that change during play.

Lethal is a keyword that can be found on Creatures and Items in the Elder Scrolls Legends that first appeared in the Core Set. Creatures with Lethal destroy any creature they can damage through combat or other abilities.
This makes Lethal creatures with a low attack still dangerous during the late game and can easily remove Guards with high health. It works especially well with the protection of Cover or with Charge to instantly kill a creature. Lethal is predominantly associated with Agility and Endurance. Creatures with the keyword can be recognized by their green glowing Attack icon.


  • Battle: The Battled creature is directly destroyed by the Lethal damage.
  • Breakthrough: While creatures with Lethal do destroy a defending creature with only one damage, only excess damage higher than the defending creature's health will be dealt to the opponent.
  • Ward: Warded creatures absorb all incoming damage and do not get destroyed by Lethal.

Cards with Lethal[edit]

Name Type (Subtype) Attribute/Class Magicka Power Health Rarity Text
Ald Velothi Assassin Ald Velothi Assassin Creature (Breton) Endurance Endurance 2 1 2 2Rare Rare Lethal, Rally
Allena Benoch Allena Benoch Creature (Wood Elf) StrengthAgility Archer 6 1 1 4Legendary Legendary Lethal
Summon: Deal 1 damage.
Archein Elite Archein Elite Creature (Argonian) Endurance Endurance 4 3 5 2Rare Rare Lethal
Archein Guerrilla Archein Guerrilla Creature (Argonian) Endurance Endurance 4 2 4 2Rare Rare Lethal
Archein Venomtongue Archein Venomtongue Creature (Argonian) Endurance Endurance 4 1 4 2Rare Rare Lethal
Slay: Gain +1 max magicka.
Astrid Astrid Creature (Nord) Agility Agility 3 2 3 4Legendary Legendary Lethal
Friendly Lethal creatures have "Slay: Put a Completed Contract into your hand."
Brotherhood Assassin Brotherhood Assassin Creature (Dark Elf) Agility Agility 1 3 3 4Legendary Legendary Lethal
Summon: Draw a card.
Cicero the Betrayer Cicero the Betrayer Creature (Imperial) Endurance Endurance 6 1 6 4Legendary Legendary Lethal
Slay: Draw two cards.
Cicero can attack friendly creatures.
Clockwork Scorpion Clockwork Scorpion Creature (Fabricant) Agility Agility 6 3 7 1Common Common Drain, Lethal
Daedric Dagger Daedric Dagger Item Endurance Endurance 2 1Common Common Lethal
Dagoth Ur Dagoth Ur Creature (God) StrengthIntelligenceAgility House Dagoth 12 8 8 4Legendary Legendary Breakthrough, Charge, Drain, Guard, Lethal, Ward
Deadly Draugr Deadly Draugr Creature (Skeleton) Endurance Endurance 1 1 1 1Common Common Lethal
Doomcrag Vampire Doomcrag Vampire Creature (Vampire) Endurance Endurance 6 4 4 4Legendary Legendary Lethal
Other friendly creatures in this lane have Lethal.
Elytra Noble Elytra Noble Creature (Elytra) Agility Agility 6 4 6 2Rare Rare Lethal
Fighters Guild Recruit Fighters Guild Recruit Creature (Argonian) Agility Agility 2 1 2 1Common Common Prophecy, Guard, Lethal
Frostbite Spider Frostbite Spider Creature (Spider) Endurance Endurance 3 3 2 2Rare Rare Prophecy, Lethal
Guild Recruit Guild Recruit Creature (Argonian) Agility Agility 2 1 2 1Common Common Lethal
Lucien Lachance Lucien Lachance Creature (Imperial) Endurance Endurance 4 1 5 4Legendary Legendary Lethal
When another friendly creature Slays, give it +2/+2.
Poisonous Spider Poisonous Spider Creature (Spider) Agility Agility 2 1 1 1Common Common Lethal
Sanctuary Pet Sanctuary Pet Creature (Spider) Agility Agility 3 2 2 1Common Common Lethal
Summon: Shackle an enemy creature in this lane.
Shadowscale Partisan Shadowscale Partisan Creature (Argonian) Agility Agility 3 2 2 1Common Common Lethal
Summon: +0/+2 if you have another creature with Lethal.
Territorial Viper Territorial Viper Creature (Reptile) Agility Agility 4 1 1 2Rare Rare Charge, Lethal

Cards associated with Lethal[edit]

Name Type (Subtype) Attribute/Class Magicka Power Health Rarity Text
Assassin's Ritual Assassin's Ritual Action IntelligenceAgility Assassin 3 2Rare Rare Give a creature Lethal and Ward.
Assembled Sanitizer Assembled Sanitizer Creature (Factotum) Neutral Neutral 3 1 2 1Common Common Assemble: +2/+0 or Lethal.
Doomfang Ally Doomfang Ally Creature (Reachman) Neutral Neutral 3 3 3 2Rare Rare Summon: If the top card of your deck is...
Strength: +2/+0
Intelligence: Ward
Willpower: Drain
Agility: Lethal
Endurance: +0/+2
Felldew Felldew Action Agility Agility 2 2Rare Rare Give a creature Lethal this turn.
Hulking Scalon Hulking Scalon Creature (Grummite) Agility Agility 10 10 10 3Epic Epic Immune to Lethal.
Immune to Shackle.
Your opponent can't target Hulking Scalon with actions.
Naryu Virian Naryu Virian Creature (Dark Elf) Agility Agility 6 6 6 4Legendary Legendary Summon: Summon a 0/1 Target with Guard for your opponent in each lane.
Friendly creatures have "Slay: +1/+1 and Lethal."
Nimble Ally Nimble Ally Creature (Wood Elf) Agility Agility 3 3 3 1Common Common Summon: +1/+1 and Lethal if the top card of your deck is Agility.
Ruthless Freebooter Ruthless Freebooter Creature (Khajiit) Agility Agility 2 2 2 1Common Common Treasure HuntDrain: +1/+1 and Drain.
Treasure HuntLethal: +1/+1 and Lethal.
Skooma Racketeer Skooma Racketeer Creature (Khajiit) Agility Agility 3 2 2 2Rare Rare Summon: Give a creature Lethal.
The Black Dragon The Black Dragon Creature (Imperial) Willpower Willpower 4 5 5 4Legendary Legendary Immune to Lethal.
Slay: Discard all creatures from your opponent's deck with the same name as the slain creature.
Twin Lamps Consul Twin Lamps Consul Creature (Argonian) Agility Agility 3 2 4 1Common Common Plot: Lethal and Guard.