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A gargoyle

Gargoyles are statues that have been animated by a wizard or a vampire lord, often found guarding dungeons and castles. Some will remain frozen for some time to make their prey think they are still made of stone, before finally bursting out of their stillness and ambushing their victim. Since they're made of stone, they're resistant to damage to some extent.

Gatekeeper of the Fringe[edit]

The Gatekeeper

Created by Relmyna Verenim, the Gatekeeper is a giant Flesh Atronach charged with protecting the Gates of Madness in the Shivering Isles.


The gehenoth

A monstrous beast said to attack adventurers as they rest. Found in the dungeons around the city of Dawnstar.

Found in:


Also spelled Gheateus. A Fey variant considered to be godlike beings. According to legend, Gheateus appears as a man or a group of men who are formed by the earth, and they are said to be surrounded by a host of minor Sylphim.[1][2]


A ghost

The souls of the dead trapped on Nirn. They exist as spirits only, and can only be damaged by silver or magical weapons. Most kinds of ghosts possess magical abilities. Ghosts can be summoned by wizards. The Dunmer of Morrowind revere the ghosts of their dead ancestors.


A ghoul

These undead are the carrion eaters of dungeons, crypts, and other burial places. They feast on human corpses and other rotting flesh. Although they are not intelligent, they have a natural cunning that aids them in finding food. Because of their vile habits, ghouls have a chance of transmitting a disease to those they bite.

Found in:


A giant

Giants are a race of enormous humanoids with colossal strength. They are found in the wilderness of Skyrim, High Rock, Hammerfell, Cyrodiil and Valenwood.

They have thick grey skin, long, powerful limbs, large hands and feet, and thick greyish-brown hair decorated with braids and beads. Additionally, most Giants have decorative scars carved into their chests. They clothe themselves in fur pelts adorned with the bones of animals and people, although many prefer a simple loincloth.

Although they tower above most races, their height can vary. Some stand between 11 and 12 feet tall, whereas others can be several times the height of the average person. Female giants, also called Giantessess, are more powerful and much less common than males, and the only known sightings have been in the Wrothgarian Mountains and Whiterun Plains during the Second Era.

For more information, see the main lore article.

Giant Bat[edit]

A giant bat

Larger than normal bats. These creatures can be found across Tamriel.

Found in:

Giant Scorpion[edit]

A giant scorpion

The common scorpion and the more deadly Giant Scorpion can be found in most arid regions of Tamriel. The sting of the scorpion can paralyze the unsuspecting adventurer so extreme caution is advised.

Found in:

Giant Snake[edit]

A giant snake

Large deadly serpents, found on land and in water. See also: Snake

Found in:

Giant Wasp[edit]

A giant wasp

Giant wasps are large flying insects that are very protective of their nests. They sting and bite to defend themselves. They are far larger than their smaller cousins. A concoction made by grinding one wasp gizzard into three lumps of troll fat and two pinches of wisplight powder is capable of infuriating wasps for a few hours. Angry wasps will sting anything that doesn't smell like them.[3] The outer shell of the giant wasp is very durable.[4] The second row of wings on a wasp's back are gossamer-thin and refract light in a way that is pleasing, making them desirable trophies.[5] Wasp wings are sometimes used by Argonians to create enchanting heirloom betrothal veils.[6]

Found in:

Gloom Wraith[edit]

A gloom wraith

An extremely powerful wraith which can wield swords and project curses that damage Strength and Endurance. Can be harmed only by silver, Daedric and enchanted weapons. Can also be harmed by non-frost based spells and some conjurations.

Found in:


A Glyptodon

A large, armored herbivore that can be found in Southern Elsweyr. When threatened, they retreat into their shells and wait for the danger to pass.

Found in:


A gnarl

The Gnarl, or "Walking Tree" as it's sometimes called, is one of the strangest creatures of the Shivering Isles. Like the Elytra, this animated plant can be found roaming almost anywhere on the Isles. One of Sheogorath's truly unique creations, the Gnarl has the most unusual trait of being able to use magic cast upon it, and harness that power to bolster its own defense, becoming resistant to just that element for a short time.


A goat

Goats are passive creatures generally found on mountain slopes. They are hunted for their hide, meat, and horns, and can also be domesticated.

Found in:


A goblin

Goblins are humanoids found throughout Tamriel. They range in height from three feet to over eight feet. Their eyes are yellow and resemble a cat's. The goblin, much like the orc, is found in various types all across Tamriel. Although not terribly skilled in combat, and rarely in magic, goblins can become dangerous in the large numbers in which they are usually found. They are sometimes organized in clans, and some even domesticate animals, such as the Durzogs. See also: Riekling.

Golden Saint[edit]

A golden saint

The Aureal, (or Aureals) more commonly known as Golden Saints, are a Daedric race of golden-skinned humanoids, with cat-like eyes and Elven-esque styled hair. They call themselves the Aureal, and claim to be the most loyal and honorable servants of the Daedric Prince Sheogorath. The name Golden Saints was given to them by "lesser beings", and conveys an elegant and benevolent figure. Furthermore, their use of golden avian-themed armor and weapons augments their angelic-like appearance. Despite their name and appearance, the Aureal are a proud, arrogant race, quick to anger and cruel in their punishment. They have little love for mortals, even those that inhabit the Shivering Isles, and make no effort to hide this in their interactions.


A taxidermied gooblet

The now-extinct gooblet was a flightless bird with iridescent feathers that lived along the Hammerfell coast prior to 1E 808.[7] By the mid-Second Era, rare taxidermied birds still existed and gooblet feathers were sometimes worn by priests of Onsi, or used to make toys.[8][9]



Birds that are hunted for their meat.[10]

Found in:


A bird that is sacred to Tava.[11]

Found in:


A grahl

Sometimes called "ice trolls", these powerful creatures have in common with their mainland namesake regeneration and vulnerability to fire. They are often found in the ice caves of Solstheim. Grahl eyeballs are valued for their alchemical properties.

Found in:


A gravelclaw

A species of terrestrial crab found in Upper Craglorn. Gravelclaw meat is tender, juicy and tasty, and has a pleasant aroma that many wild predators find irresistable. Its is commonly used by hunters to bait traps.[12]

Found in:

Greater Nocturnal[edit]

Greater Nocturnal

A Daedra resembling a scantily clad woman.

Found in:
  • Battlespire


Cyrus, transformed into a gremlin. Note the red vest.

A small, harmless creature related to goblins, whom they can often be found living alongside. Sometimes known as an Orc-rat.[13] They are used as slaves by the Altmer. A number of gremlins and other goblin-ken lived in the city of Orsinium.[14] Cyrus the Redguard was once transformed into a gremlin by Archmage Jaganvir of Stros M'Kai.

Found in:

Grievous Twilight[edit]

A Grievous Twilight

Grievous Twilights are winged Daedra who often serve Molag Bal and Nocturnal.

Found in:

Grizzly Bear[edit]

A grizzly bear

A powerful animal that can attack not only with its powerful jaws, but with both front paws. Found throughout the wooded and snowy areas of Tamriel. See also: Brown Bear.

Found in:


A grummite

The Grummites are frog-like, tool-making creatures of the Shivering Isles with a primitive culture, very much similar to the goblins of Tamriel. They can often be found protecting the egg sacs that house their young, even though the book From Frog to Man states that they tend to ignore their eggs once laid.


A gryphon

Gryphons (also spelled Griffin) are large winged creatures that live primarily on the Summerset Isle, within the province of the Summerset Isles, though they can also be found in the province of Elsweyr and possibly the provinces of High Rock and Hammerfell. They can be described as a combination of a lion and an eagle, though they bear more of a resemblance to an eagle on four legs. Gryphons are widely respected by the High Elves and known to be fiercely territorial. In ancient times, many High Elves considered gryphons unsuitable to be mounted, but now the city-states of Cloudrest and Sunhold are known for their tamed gryphons, which are a part of their iconography. Young gryphons are known as fledglings. They are generally found across the mountains of Summerset, primarily around Eton Nir, and specifically at the northeast point at Gryphon Aerie. Gryphon's feathers can be found in the Iliac Bay region and have alchemical properties.

Found in:


A guar

Guar are the primary domesticated herd animal of Morrowind, and are not usually aggressive. Dunmer sometimes use them as pack animals.

Found in:


A Guzzard

A featherless flying creature found in Craglorn. They have beaks, talons, bat-like wings, and red eyes. Their tails are smooth, and have no plumes. They have short crests on their heads.

Found in:



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