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This article is about the race. For the nation from which they originate, see Tsaesci (place).

A Tsaesci ghost (Oblivion)

The Tsaesci (pronounced by some as "sayessie"[1]), which means Snake Palace, are a race originating from the continent of Akavir, east of Tamriel. Their appearance has been described differently on many occasions, with some describing them as being entirely human in appearance, others attributing to the Tsaesci human upper bodies and serpentine lower bodies, and some claiming them to be entirely snake-like. Adding to these contradictory claims, it is also claimed that the so-called serpent-folk apparently "ate" the men that lived on Akavir, although this statement can be interpreted in many ways.[2] Some even say that they may be shapeshifters.[UOL 1] Oddly enough, two Akaviri "Blood Drinker" swords known as Dawn/Duskfang and Bloodthirst, emulate the rumored traits of their Tsaesci creators. The Tsaesci are said to fight without shields or armor, using only swords such as the Dai-katana in combat.[3] The nature of the race is a tapestry of historical contradictions, so what little is known about them is uncertain. However, all known encounters with the Tsaesci have shown that they are humanoids.


The Tsaesci once invaded Tamriel in 1E 2703, but were driven back by the forces of Emperor Reman I.[4] Surviving Tsaesci in Cyrodiil served as mercenaries and personal guards of nobles.[5] They left many influences on Imperial institutions and culture, including the doctrines and equipment of the Imperial Legion, the creation of the Blades and Fighters Guild, a reverence among the Imperial aristocracy for all things Akaviri, and the adoption of the dragon as a symbol of the Empire. A number of Tsaesci even served the Second Empire as Potentates, among them Sidri-Ashak, Versidue-Shaie, and Savirien-Chorak. The latter two ruled the Second Empire outright during the first half of the Second Era, a period known as the Akaviri Potentate that was brought on by the demise of the Reman Dynasty.[6]



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Note: the following references are not from official sources. They are included to provide a rounder background to this article, but may not reflect established lore.

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