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Decide the fate of the Mabrigash tribe.
Zone: Deshaan
Objective: Vale of the Ghost Snake — Find out more about the mysterious Ashlander camp.
Quest Giver: Farseer Bodani
Location(s): Vale of the Ghost Snake, Fang Spires
Prerequisite Quest: Trade Negotiations
Reward: Snakeskin Belt
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High XP
ID: 3651
The Ghost Snake appears
Farseer Bodani has placed the fate of Raston Vendil in my hands. I agreed to undertake a trial and see if the Ghost Snake will counsel me on this matter.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak with Farseer Bodani on behalf of Raston Vendil.
  2. Enter the swamps of the Vale and catch eight Bog Rats in the Critter Sack (without killing them).
  3. Place the rats at the Fang Spires.
  4. Speak with the Ghost Snake, and defeat his Shadow Snake aspect.
  5. Return to the camp and retrieve the Snake Totem from the Farseer's yurt.
  6. Speak to those assembled and use the Snake Totem to decide the fate of the Mabrigash.
  7. Indicate one of three choices to receive your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Defeat the Shadow Snake

Speak with the farseer after Trade Negotiations. She tells you to walk the Coiled Path, as she believes that you will decide the fate of the Mabrigash. She gives you a sack to put Bog Rats in. You need to collect eight of them as an offering for the Ghost Snake. You can find Bog Rats all over the Coiled Path.

After you have a Full Critter Sack, head on over to the Fang Spires, which can be reached by following the road through the Vale. Offer the rats to the Ghost Snake and speak with it. The spirit will have you do battle with a darker aspect of itself, the Shadow Snake. Once you've defeated the snake in the vaults beneath the spires, return to the surface and speak with the Ghost Snake. It tells you that the Mabrigash must make their own choices, and that not every choice is black and white. You can then ask the Ghost Snake to return you to the Farseer's tent.

Decide Raston's fate

Speak to Farseer Bodani back at the Mabrigash camp. Tell her what the Ghost Snake told you, and she insists that you will be the one to make this decision. Go into her tent and grab the Snake Totem out of the Fareer's Chest. Bring the totem to Bodani. You will need to ask the people gathered around the farseer's tent about what they think should happen to Raston. You can either burn the totem and have Raston serve the Ghost Snake, give it to Tevynni and allow her to trade, or give it to Raston and allow him to trade with the Mabrigash.

If you allow Tevynni to trade with the Mabrigash, everyone will be satisfied and Raston can be found at the Ebony Flask in Ebonheart with no memory of what happened. If you allow Raston to trade with the Mabrigash, he can be found at the Hlaalu camp outside the village. If you choose to have Raston, serve the Ghost Snake, he can be found at the Fang Spires, muttering unintelligibly in his sleep.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Trial of the Ghost Snake
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I need to collect bog rats to use as an offering to Ghost Snake with the bag that I've been given. They can be found in Ghost Snake Vale.
Objective: Gather Rats in the Bog
I have the offering. Now I need to place it in the offering bowl at the Fang Spires and see what happens.
Objective: Place the Offering at the Fang Spires
I walked the Coiled Path and made an offering to the Ghost Snake. It appeared before me. I should speak to it.
Objective: Talk to the Ghost Snake
My final trial is to defeat the Shadow Snake, a more sinister aspect of the Ghost Snake.
Objective: Defeat the Shadow Snake
Hidden Objective: Use the Offering Bowl to Re-Summon Shadow Snake
I defeated the Shadow Snake. I'll seek the Ghost Snake's counsel on the issue of trade between the Mabrigash and House Hlaalu.
Objective: Seek the Ghost Snake's Advice
The Ghost Snake doesn't care what the Mabrigash decide, so long as they continue to honor and care for the Vale. I should return to the Farseer now.
Objective: Talk to the Farseer
Farseer Bodani crafted a totem. She thinks it will help in some way. I need to retrieve it from her tent.
Objective: Retrieve the Snake Totem
This snake totem has some role in deciding the merchant's fate. I'll give it to the Farseer.
Objective: Give Snake Totem to the Farseer
I need to decide not only Raston's fate, but the fate of the Mabrigash as well. I should talk to tribe members and the merchant's assistant before I inform the Farseer of my decision.
Objective: Talk to Tevynni Hedran
Objective: Talk to Iru-Ahan
Objective: Talk to Raston
Objective: Talk to Gulakhan Harrinat
Objective Hint: Speak to Raston's apprentice or some of the Mabrigash to get advice and gather opinions before making a decision.
I need to decide not only Raston's fate, but the fate of the Mabrigash as well. I should talk to tribe members and the merchant's assistant before I inform the Farseer of my decision.
Objective: Seek Opinions to Make a Decision
I need to use the snake totem to determine Raston's fate. If I give the totem to Raston, he'll be welcome in the Vale. If I burn the totem in the fire, he'll become a servant of the Ghost Snake. Or I can suggest a third option to Bodani.
Complete one: Burn the Snake Totem or Give the Totem to Raston or Suggest Something Else
Objective: Tell Bodani Your Decision
☑Finishes quest (Appears if you gave the totem to Tevynni)I decided to present Tevynni's suggestion to the Farseer. She'll trade with the Vale and Raston will go free.
Objective: Talk to Bodani
☑Finishes quest (Appears if you gave the totem to Raston)(?)
Objective: Talk to Bodani
☑Finishes quest (Appears if you burned the totem)(?)
Objective: Talk to Bodani
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