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Find out what happened to Raston Vendil.
Zone: Deshaan
Objective: Vale of the Ghost Snake — Find out more about the mysterious Ashlander camp.
Quest Giver: Apprentice Savur
Location(s): Vale of the Ghost Snake
Next Quest: The Trial of the Ghost Snake
Reward: Average Leveled Gold

Merchants from House Hlaalu are worried about their leader, Raston Vendil. He went to negotiate a trade agreement with the isolated Mabrigash tribe in the Vale of the Ghost Snake. He never returned.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to the injured apprentice on the road near the Vale of the Ghost Snake.
  2. Find the Hlaalu trade caravan.
  3. Enter the Mabrigash camp and speak to Gulakhan Harrinat and Iru-Ahan.
  4. Follow the ghosts, and speak to Farseer Bodani.
  5. Speak with Raston Vendil to receive your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Dialogue[edit]

Farseer Bodani:

"I'm not sure if I should welcome you or curse you."
I'm here on behalf of the Hlaalu traders. They're worried about Raston.
"This fool has pestered our hunters, importuned our Wisewomen, and insulted me by demanding to speak to the man in charge of our tribe.
I brook no challenges to my authority or disruptions to the Vale. "
What are you going to do with him?
"I was going to take him to the Ghost Snake, but all that changed when you arrived.
I have seen a vision of you upon the Coiled Path. You have a role to play in deciding the fate of this man and our Vale."
You want me to decide Raston's fate then?
"There is something unusual about you. I sense it and certainly the Ghost Snake knows of you.
Talk to this man. Take his measure. Then speak to me when you're ready to face the trial of the Ghost Snake."

Raston Vendil:

"I'm a master trader from House Hlaalu! I'm welcome everywhere. But these people want to sacrifice me to some snake!"
Why do they want to sacrifice you?
"How should I know? I'm an honest merchant! I just wanted to set up a little trade agreement with the tribe. They make some gold, we make some gold, everybody wins.
Next thing I know, they tie me up and act like I committed some crime. "
You must have done something to anger the Farseer.
"I was soaking up the local flavor, if you know what I mean. These Mabrigash ladies are lovely! But my flirting made that witch Bodani mad.
Besides, they refuse to let me speak to the man in charge. Why are they being this way? "
Are you sure that's all you did?
"Well, I... I did ask the Farseer to summon her boss and get me a glass of shein. But I asked nicely and everything!
Don't let them feed me to snake! I didn't do anything wrong. "
I'll talk to the Farseer.
"I hope she listens to reason. She acts like she's in charge, but she wouldn't even listen to my proposal. Trade proposal, mind you. Not a marriage proposal!
Those snake hides would earn them plenty of gold. Plenty of gold for all of us. "

Quest Stages[edit]

Trade Negotiations
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Find the Hlaalu Trading Post
Objective: Talk to Gulakhan Harrinat
Objective: Talk to Iru-Ahan
Objective: Look for the Ghosts
Objective: Talk to the Farseer
Objective: Listen to Raston's Account
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