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Western Black Marsh

Murkmire is a region situated in western Black Marsh, south of Shadowfen. The region is made up of swampland in the north, uplands in the center, and bogs in the south, and is home to the previously little-known Naga. The city of Gideon and Keel-Sakka River can be found here, and the region is inhabited by dreugh, behemoths, haj motas, and kotu gava.

Murkmire was originally announced as a 4-player Adventure Zone similar to Craglorn, prior to Tamriel Unlimited, but has now been reworked as a DLC story zone.[1] It is due for release in the final quarter of 2018.


The following places have been datamined in recent patches, and though the extent of their status in Murkmire is unknown, they likely share some relation to the zone:



  • Rounds three and seven of the Maelstrom Arena are themed after Murkmire, while the Blackwood Borderlands are located near the region. The Grand Topal Hideaway house also uses the "Murkmire" architecture style
  • A number of books relating to Murkmire, such as The Blackwater War, An Orcish Weaponsmith In Murkmire, and Tribes of Murkmire, have been datamined but have yet to appear.
  • In Patch 4.0.0, 16 map tiles for Murkmire (the same amount as Clockwork City) were datamined. Some new locations called "The Swallowed Grove", the "Remnant of Argon" and "Argonian Temple" were also found in the files. Further assets relating to Murkmire were datamined in Patch 4.1.0, including loading screens and prologue quest info.


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