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The Devoted and the Deranged is a collection of 94 books, letters and notes that make up part of the Eidetic Memory.

Title Author Description Location
2nd Manifesto of Kinlord Rilis XII
High Kinlord Rilis XII Part two of the journal of an imprisoned ruler
3rd Manifesto of Kinlord Rilis XII
High Kinlord Rilis XII Part three of the journal of an imprisoned ruler
4th Manifesto of Kinlord Rilis XII
High Kinlord Rilis XII Part four of the journal of an imprisoned ruler
A Prisoner's Journal
The insane writings of a soul shriven prisoner
Against False Gods
A criticism against the Tribunal and the advent of the Maulborn
Angry Angry
A note from someone who is always angry
Bakhig's Journal, Page 3
Bakhig's Journal, Page 11
Bakhig's Journal, Page 18
Bakhig's Journal, Page 19
Blasphemous Revenants
A call for the destruction of all vampires and those who follow them!
Bordaunt Virelande's Journal
Bordaunt Virelande An adventurer's journal
Burnt, Mostly Illegible Scrap
Plea from a group of Mephala worshippers under attack
By the Master's Mace
A rallying speech dating back to a First Era conflict between the Ayleid cities of Delodiil and Abagarlas
Call to the Faithful
A notice to Khajiit about ruins to be explored
Captain Blackheart's Log
Captain Blackheart
Changed Ones
The story of how Boethiah refuted Trinimac
Charred Notes
Burned notes of a crazed man
Coils of the Father
A short text on the god Auri-El
Cracking the Elden Tree Vault
A detailed plan
Cult Screed
Dark Ministrations
Doshia's Journal
Doshia Aldmeri Dominion Buraniim
Daggerfall Covenant Dourstone Vault
Ebonheart Pact Stonefang Cavern
Daynila's Corpse-Kebab
Daynila Hlas A recipe for corpses
Essanyon's Records
Essanyon The journal of a madman
Great House Mottos
Vilyn Girith (personal notes by Sotha Sil)
Introduction to Aedric Studies
Phrastus of Elinhir A syllabus for a series of lectures
Jakolar's Journal
Jakolar The record of an old Nord's efforts to resurrect his dead wife
Journal of Nicolas Douare
Nicolas Douare
Kennixa's List
Knowing Satakal
Seven Redguard Maxims
Letter from Vila
Vila Theran
Letter to Bodani
Lives of the Saints
Tribunal Temple Listing and describing prominent saints of the Dunmer
Manifesto of Kinlord Rilis XII
High Kinlord Rilis XII Part one of the journal of an imprisoned ruler
Moon Worship among the Cat-Men
Cirantille A description of the Khajiiti religion
Names, Names, Names!
Phoebe Falvo A list of possible code-names
Necromancy: The Great Debate
A criticism against the Mages Guild views on Necromancy
Neronnir's Journal
Note from Firuin
Oath of the Shadows Watch
Oathbreakers of Ouze
A description of the Oathbreakers, Bosmer who disagree with the Green Pact
  • Ouze, in a tent at the camp at the southeastern edge
Our Curse and Our Glory
Querbolus Primus A person's account of coming to terms with Lycanthropy
Party Theme
Prayer of the Resolute
Religious doctrine from the Resolutes of Stendarr
Requisition Order
A letter informing a mage of his imminent death
Sacred Places
Goes-Here-and-There An Argonian treasure-seeker reflects on her heritage
Secrets Overheard in Apocrypha
Morian Zenas Eavesdropping on servants of Hermaeus Mora
Shezarr and the Divines
Faustillus Junius The relationship between the god Shezarr and the other Cyrodilic deities
Something's in the Attic
On the bumps in the night...
Sovngarde, A Reexamination
Bereditte Jastal Speculation regarding Sovngarde, the Nordic Hall of Valor
Strange Rambling Notes
Tales of the Spinners
An Entry by the Altmeri Travel Guild
The Apprentices' God
A short text on the god Syrabane
The Coiled Path
On the Ghost Snake
The Collected Theory Hypothesis
On the Collective Consciousness Theorem as an explanation for the disappearance of Falinesti
The Everscriven Tome
A short text on the god Xarxes
  • Torinaan Bookshelves in Central Shrine, guaranteed spawn
The Experiment
The Faceless
The Folly of Isolation, Part 1
A fragment of a play
The Folly of Isolation, Part 3
A fragment of a play
The Folly of Isolation, Part 6
A fragment of a play
The Folly of Isolation, Part 7
A fragment of a play
The Folly of Isolation, Part 8
A fragment of a play
The Folly of Isolation, Part the Last
A fragment of a play
The Gifts of Magnus
A short text on the god Magnus
The Gray Passage
The exploits of Nedic Hero Ranev the Coal-Eyed Wanderer
The Heart of Love
A short text on the god Mara
The Living Flesh
  • Crestshade, near the entrance to the Chapel Crypts
The Lost Communion
An Argonian rediscovers a connection with the Hist
The Manifesto of Make Way
A call for Redguards to expunge weakness from their hearts
  • Just inside Hidden Basement at bottom of ladder in the Abandoned House in Shornhelm
The Martyrdom of Saint Pelin
Priestess Adie Rodeau How a humble clergyman stopped an army of vampires
The Pledge of Courage
The Pledge of Obedience
The Pledge of Perfection
The Pledge of Piety
The Pledge of Simplicity
The Pledge of Vigilance
The Raneviad, Volume II
The Sounding Horn
A short text on the god Stendarr
The Spinners of Y'ffre
Cirantille A description of the Bosmeri Spinners
The Unholy Temple
Ancient text regarding growing hostility between two Ayleid city-states
The Warrior's Blade
A short text on the god Trinimac
Tribunal—Living Lies
"Disordinator" A conspiracy theory
Tu'whacca, Arkay, Xarxes
Lady Cinnabar of Taneth A discussion on the similarity of gods
Vampires and their Hunters
How to be a vampire hunter
Vindication for the Dragon Break
Fervidius Tharn, Arch-Prelate of the Maruhkati Selective A Marukhati edict instructing the expungement of the Aldmeri aspects from Auriel
Wardens of the Green
A tale of the Green Lady and the Silvenar
  • Mistral, on a table outside Ladrelas' House
  • Mistral, on a table within the Chancery
  • Mistral, on a table within the Private Quarters of the Maormer Embassy
  • Mistral, on a nightstand within the Abandoned House
What Eats Birds?
The ravings of a bird-hater
When We Pass
A Redguard creed
Deranged scrawlings from within Root Sunder
Who Is REALLY In Charge?
Brugagikh the Truthseeker An open letter exposing a worldwide conspiracy
Worship in Fanacas
Mabrel Pierel On the Ayleid ruin Fanacas and plans to enact a ritual there
You Are What You Eat
Norgic Darkcloak Dietary advice from a mad Nord