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Notes and Memos is a collection of books, letters and notes that make up part of the Eidetic Memory.

Title Author Description Location
A Moment of Your Time?
Stibbons A polite request for assistance
A Plea for Vengeance
A first-hand account describing the fall and massacre of Camlorn
A Plea for the Elder Scrolls
Crassius Viria A plea for the return of two stolen Elder Scrolls
A Plea for the Elder Scrolls
Crassius Viria A plea for the return of two stolen Elder Scrolls
A Plea for the Elder Scrolls
Crassius Viria A plea for the return of two stolen Elder Scrolls
A Ragged Inscription
A Tough Audience
Sempronia A letter to a plucky merchant
Admission Denied
Evoker-Adept Carusian A letter of refusal to join the Mages Guild
Amberic's Note
Amberic A personal account revealing the shape-shifting effects of the Emerald Chalice
An Artisan's Oasis
Another Grim Jest
A dark joke
Apologies to Uncle Neldatir
Thoring A letter to a deceased relative
Await My Emissary
Javad Tharn
Bowman's Note
Bowman A note giving instructions
Bruma Pleads for Aid
Grigerda A desperate plea for help
Chid Moska
  • Hissmir, Central Pyramid, SE Corner, on the stone edge.
Closing Performance Notes
Performance notes
Covert Note
Directions to a secret meeting
Crumpled Note in the Desk
Deathbringer Orders
Orders to a subordinate
Delves-Deeply's Note
Delves-Deeply A gentle reminder
  • Quendeluun, near the marquis on the left as you exit the cave entrance
Desperate Time
Ebon Crypt
Ambrel A letter relaying a grave robber's exploits
Edweg's Resignation Note
Edweg An angry letter of resignation
Eyes of the Queen Only
A letter revealing a weakness in the government of Stormhold
Faithful One
Fascinating Relics
Telenger the Artificer A note to a worried assistant
Fire's Grip
Fists of Thalmor
A letter regarding the defense of Velyn Harbor
Follow-Up Performance Notes
Performance notes
For Donel from Father
Frodibert Fontbonne A father's parting letter to his son
From Shad Astula with Love
Geirvarda Frostwind
Funny Stuff, Sil
Galmon's Note
Garick's Message
Gaston's Instructions
Gaston Orders to retrieve the shards of a Welkynd Stone from a Goblin tribe
Goodbye Note
Samala A daughter's parting letter confessing her wish to become a necromancer
Grim Jest
A dark joke
Half-Burned Note to Borodin
Aera Earth-Turner
Heed My Words
If I May Beseech You
  • Spurned Peak
  • near to the Shrouded Plains Wayshrine after the quest
I'll Get You Ulbazar
Impressions of Northwind Mine
Brother Istler
Increased Bandit Activity
Increased Dominion Activity
Khenarthi's Roost: Interim Orders
Legend of Chill House
A chilling note
Memo from Menoit
Ranger Menoit
Memo to Captain Doronil
Memorize and Burn!
A cheat sheet
Mesanthano's Tower
Message from Geneura
New Opportunities
No Significant Danger
Quintus Verres
Non-Standard Techniques
Gabrielle Benele
Note about "Wood Elf Etiquette"
Note from a Bottle
Note from Akash
Akash gra-Mal
Note from Commander Derre
Commander Derre
Note from Gullveig
Note from Jahla
Jahla at-Basri
Note from Jeegren
Note from Kamu
Sergeant Kamu
Note from Morantor
Note from Orlugash
Orlugash Orders to burn a blasphemous book
Note from Razum-dar
Note from Scout Justal
Senior Scout Justal
Note from Slim-Jah
Note from Theomund
Theomund A letter surrounding the search for the Emerald Chalice
Note from Zidal
Note in Bag of Vvardenfell Silk
Note to Arida
Note to Barkeep
Sorion the Talented
Note to King Jorunn
Jarl Ivannar A note with an attached riddle
Note to Lucien
Note to Menthery
Landlin A letter regarding the appearance of a Dark Anchor over a city
Note to Parsifal
Master Davynu
Note to Sir Quatrius
Captain Dhakir at-Nimr
Note to Throne Keeper Farvad
Priestess Yazhmeena, High Throne Keeper An angry letter regarding the condition of King Ra Boshek's mausoleum
Note to Ulguna
The Architect
On the Matter of the Prisoners
A letter regarding a Daedric trial of Mages Guild members
Opening Performance Notes
Performance notes
People I Hate
A death list
Pillagers of the Hist
Letter regarding the Dominion's collection of Hist sap
Prompt Rescue is Imperative
  • Spurned Peak
  • near to the Shrouded Plains Wayshrine after the quest
Quit Asking
A notice for discount lovers
Rasaba's Note
Rendarion's Apology
Rendarion A malicious letter of apology
Report: Missing Persons
Regine Nyte
Respectful Greetings from Am-Shadal
General Am-Shadal
Rogue Elements
A note revealing the existence of the Oathbreakers
Rosalind's Orders
Rosalind Milielle Arrangements for defending a town
Rulantaril's Notes
Rulantaril Oran
Shalan's Note
Shalan A son's note to his mother about fleeing a village
Situation Becoming Urgent
  • Spurned Peak
  • near to the Shrouded Plains Wayshrine after the quest
Snowmead's Missive
Eitaki Snowmead A plea for aid against Fildgor Orcthane forces
Someday It'll Be Just You
Stay Far from the Roots
Thank You for Your Patience
Office of the Mistral Chancery A merchant's request for increased patrols is rebuffed
The Arena!
The Artisan's Letters
The Artisan
The Grandeya is in Custody
Captain Dhakir at-Nimr
The Reachmen are Coming!
The Scent's the Thing
A memo on how to avoid plague husks
There is No Waterside Curse
Foreman Gallus A foreman's letter dismissing claims of a cursed mine
Three-of-Claws' Note
Thunderbug Repellent
To Jalal
  • Burned village northeast of Weynon Priory, second floor of western ruined house
Unavoidable Delays
Office of the Mistral Chancery A memo on repairing the recent hurricane damage
Unfinished Scroll
Hubert A letter discussing Bearclaw Mine
Vath'ira's Note
Waited as Long as We Could
A mother's letter to her children
We Know, Many-Rocks
A letter of acknowledgement from the Dark Brotherhood
We Will Be Spared
Wear Them Down
Where I'll Be
A bandit's note
Wounded Lion
Captain gro-Mak
Zurka's Orders
Ren-dro New orders for a spy