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This page provides a list of all the creature types in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Animals – Animals comprise various mundane creatures that appear around Tamriel.
AlitAssassin BeetleBearCliff StriderCoral CrabCrocodileDuneracerDuneripperDurzogEchatereGravelclawGuarHackwingIndrikJackalKagoutiKwama ScribKwama WarriorKwama WorkerLionMammothMountain BristlebackMudcrabNetchNix-HoundNix-OxSabre CatSalamanderScorpionSencheSenche-LeopardSenche-PantherSenche-TigerShalkSkeeverSpiderTerror BirdTimber MammothWolf
Daedra – Daedra are creatures from the planes of Oblivion. Note that Aurorans, Dark Seducers, Dremora, Golden Saints, Spiderkith, Xivilai, and Xivkyn are NPCs, not creatures, and therefore are not listed here.
Air AtronachBanekinClannfearDaedric TitanDaedrothFlame AtronachFlesh AtronachFoundation Stone AtronachFrost AtronachGrievous TwilightHarvesterHoarvor DaedraHungerOgrimScampSpider DaedraStorm AtronachWatcherWinged Twilight
Dwarven Automatons – Dwarven Automatons are ancient, robot-like machines.
Dwarven ArquebusDwarven CenturionDwarven ColossusDwarven SphereDwarven SpiderDwarven Sentry
Fabricants - Fabricants are amalgamations of flesh and machine originating from the Clockwork City.
Beetle FabricantBrassiliskDancing SpiderFabricant BeetleFabricant ShalkFabricant ThunderbugFirepot SpiderKagouti FabricantNix-Hound FabricantNix-Ox Fabricant SteedScorpion FabricantSeht's Dovah-FlySkeevatonTunnel-Bore FabricantVerminous Fabricant
Monsters – Monsters are creatures typically defined by their magical abilities and/or their "terrifying" appearance.
Argonian BehemothDreughFetcherfly NestGargoyleGiantGiant BatGiant ScorpionGiant SnakeGiant SpiderGiant WaspGryphonHagHagravenHaj MotaHarpyHive GolemHoarvorIce WraithImpKotu GavaLamiaLurcherMantikoraMinotaurMiregauntNereidOgreReef ViperShalkSprigganStranglerTrollWamasuWelwaWerewolfWispWispmotherYaghra
Passive Creatures – Passive creatures are completely unable to attack or harm you.
InsectsNon-Interactive CreaturesAddaxAlavlin BeetleAlinor RingtailAntelopeAsh HopperBadgerBantam GuarBeetleBullCamelCatCentipedeChickenChub LoonCliff DarterCliff SkipperCliffracerCowCrowDaedratDaggerbackDeerDogDragon FrogEchaletteFellrunnerFennec FoxFiendrothFledgling GryphonFoxFrogGlyptodonGoatHeronHorseHorkerJerboaLesser Sea AdderLizardLynxMonkeyMud HopperNixadPony GuarOxPigRabbitRatSandroachScorpionScribScuttlerSep AdderSheepShroom BeetleSkavengerSquirrelSnakeSpiderSwamp JellyThorn GeckoVvardvarkWormmouth
Undead – Undead creatures consist of spirits, reanimated skeletons, and reanimated corpses. Bog Blights, Draugr, Skeletons, Vampires, Mummies, and Zombies are also considered undead, but are undead NPCs instead of creatures.
Bone ColossusGhostGhostly Senche-TigerLichMournful AegisSkeletal BearSkeletal GuarSkeletal WolfSpectreWraith


  • Some passive creatures share a name with their larger cousins who can survive one hit and will attack back. They are documented on the same page and thus share links.
  • Slaughterfish are used to prevent swimming large distances. They are not treated as creatures, but their attack effects are deadly.

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